4 Best Colors to Wear in 2019

4 Best Colors to Wear in 2019

As we greet the New Year 2019 with colorful fireworks and vibrant celebrations, our wardrobes and closets have to be as lively and vivacious as well.

Chromatics or the art of color is a beauty in itself. While arguably the most neglected, true artists spend hours mixing the perfect color combinations on a palette for a stunning, jaw-dropping look.

If you want to look updated and in style, you may want to do a little shopping at your local boutique or department store. If you feel this is too much effort on your part, then you’d be delighted to know that online shops, such as Saved by the Dress, allow you to place orders and have them delivered to your doorstep.

If you want to stay in style this 2019, check out some of the best and most popular color themes for fashion below.

  1. Steel Blue

If you have noticed while browsing thousands of web pages, websites, and social media profiles, one of the most prominent colors is blue. Thus, steel blue and other shades of it such as royal blue or digital blue gives a connotation of being smart and futuristic. If you’re not convinced, try looking at Facebook. And Twitter. And LinkedIn, and Messenger, and Microsoft, and hundreds of other popular platforms.

  1. Crimson Red

For an elegant and retro look, you can never go wrong with strong and vibrant shades of red. It’s usually a star-of-the-night, prom-queen kind of color that turns heads, and sometimes heart.

  1. Hot Pink

This age of the millennials like energetic and powerful hues, and hot pink and its similar shades is a firm statement. It gives off a playful vibe that people love.

  1. Lavender

More on the tamed, neutral side, lavender or lilac portrays that you are a professional, conservative, and intricate kind of person. Lavender, being a neutral color, plays wonderfully with other color combinations so you could get the look that you want.

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