4 Quick Ways to Make Good-Tasting Freshly Brewed Coffee

4 Quick Ways to Make Good-Tasting Freshly Brewed Coffee

One of the simplest ways to brew your coffee is through the French press. You will also be able to capture the coffee beans’ flavor and aroma more as it is excellent at drawing out oil from coffee.

Whether it will be your first time to buy french press online or just considering to switch from a drip coffee maker to a press, here are four practical ways to make good-tasting coffee through this brew method

Get Ready To Brew

  1. Use coarse ground coffee

Your ground coffee must be fully immersed in the French press for less than five minutes, which allows more contact between the water and your coffee grounds as compared to other brew methods. Given the prolonged brewing time and immersion, you need to use coarse ground coffee.

You should consider using a burr grinder to get the most consistent outcome for your coffee grounds.

  1. Weigh the water and coffee

To measure coffee and water accurately, you have to weigh them. Different types of coffee have different densities, and some tend to be denser as you compare them.

To make sure that the ratio between coffee and water is proportionate, you will have to weigh out your coffee every time you grind it. The usual coffee-to-water ratio should be approximately 1:16 and 1:18.

Time to Brew

  1. Wet the coffee grounds first

Once the water becomes hot, you have to wet the coffee grounds first before you fill up the French press and let it settle for about 30 seconds. This step makes the coffee “bloom,” allowing any carbon dioxide in your coffee to escape and will prevent it from becoming sour.

Once the grounds are damp for approximately half a minute, you can then pour the rest of the water.

  1. Brew, plunge and pour

When you buy french press online, you have to remember that it usually takes about four minutes to brew. This is the actual amount of time needed for the coffee grounds to hit the water. You may use a kitchen timer or just your phone to measure the brewing time accurately.

It is possible that some of the coffee grounds will rise to the brim of the brewer. You have to give it a good stir for about a minute when that happens. As soon as your coffee brews, press down the plunger. After which, you can already enjoy your fresh cup of coffee.

Additional French Press Tips

  • You should ideally use cold water, which makes up about 98.5% of your cup of coffee.
  • Since coffee absorbs odor and deteriorates when it comes into contact with air, you have to keep your coffee grounds tightly sealed or rolled if it is in a bag. You should keep it in a dry and cool place, but not inside the fridge or freezer.

Start your day right with a simple brewing method – grind, pour, and plunge, and you get a delicious and robust cup of coffee when you buy french press online and make your own brewed coffee at home.

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