7 must-have accessories that complement your outfit

7 must-have accessories that complement your outfit

Are you looking for exciting ways to compliment a boring outfit? If yes, you’ve come to the right place. Today, we are going to discuss the simple process of jazzing up clothes with interesting accessories.

Accessories are crucial for building a wardrobe that can help you stay stylish all year long. The right accents can instantly pull your whole look together. Whether your style goals are a classic look or making a statement- accessories give the message that you care,and you’re confident in your sense of fashion.

But let’s face it, it can be a little overwhelming when you visit the accessories aisle of the fashion store. From belts to scarves and different types of handbags- the choice is never-ending.

If you’re on the hunt for some fashion inspiration before you go shopping, then keep reading to learn more about seven accessories you should invest in. By playing up these items, you can create a variety of fashionable looks so that you can step out in style!

Here are seven must-have accessories that can take up your style factor up a notch:

1- Colourful scarf

Adding a bright scarf to a simple ‘white tee and jeans look’ can make a big difference.Not only will it add much-neededcolor and print to your everyday look but will also create interest to the outfit. From silk scarves to knitted ones- the choice is endless. Choose a bright and colorful print for spring and wear a warm and cozy scarf in a contrasting color during winter months. The upside is that last for ages. Unlike skinny jeans, scarves don’t grow tight on you or go out of style. You can never go wrong with this fashion accessory!

2- Leather jacket

The second-most sought after accessory is a well-fitting leather jacket. Sexy leather jackets for women work with every fashion combo. Whether you are going with friends for shopping and lunch or having drinks with colleagues after work, a classic leather jacket will make sure you rock the look.

Apart from being the perfect layering piece, a stylish leather jacket also comes in handy to stay warm yet fashionable. Read this blog by Instyleabout how to look your best and style a leather jacket perfectly.

3- Jewelry

We all know about the never-ending love affair between jewelry and women. The right jewelry adds instant elegance to any outfit!

Even if you’re not willing to spend on gold or diamonds, fashion jewelry can save the day and spice up an outfit instantly. Give your humble t-shirt and jeans look a makeover by wearing a statement necklace or a chunky cuff bracelet. Or invest in high-quality studs that go well with any face shape and occasion. White pearl earrings or shiny studs never go out of style, especially if they are paired with a little black dress or a well-tailored blazer.

4- A bright colored handbag

Every woman has days when she needs the right accessory to spruce up a dull outfit. And what could be a better way to make a statement than by carrying around a brightly colored handbag. Choose a unique handbag or clutch in fiery red, yellow, blue or pink and notice how it makes you feel uber confident in a jiffy!

Need some inspiration on the best ways to carry a brightly colored handbag? Read this blog post to get started.

5- Sunglasses

Topping off an outfit with a pair of sunnies is the ultimate way to boost your style quotient. If you’re stepping out on a warm and sunny day, then keep a pair of shades handy. Not only will sunnies boost your confidence but will make you look sophisticated and chic. Choose from a classic wayfarer style or Raybans, the choice the endless.

6- Heels

High heels and women have a love-hate relationship and for the right reasons! While sexy high heels can elongate one’s legs and enhance your figure, they’re not very kind to the feet.

However, you don’t have to end up in swollen feet and blistered toes after an evening out with friends. Research about some comfortable high heels that will help you look stylish while staying comfortable at the same time.

7- Belts

Here’s a fashion rule that we swear by- when it comes to your waist, it’s best to keep it cinched. And nothing works better than a belt for that purpose. Belts of all colors and sizes have been making waves on the runways this season. From Versace to Gucci, everyone is introducing a belt over all kinds of outfits. Wear a belt over an oversized shirt or seem instantly svelte or choose a high waisted pant with a wide belt to create the illusion of an hourglass figure. The best part is that it works well with all body types!


It’s safe to say that accessorizing has come a long way from the days when you had to abide by the matchy-matchy rules of fashion. Fashion experts recommend playing with colors, tones,and textures to make sure your outfit looks like you’ve just stepped off the ramp.

The key is to wear an all-black our all-white outfit and effortlessly introduce a few contrasting accessories. These few fashion upgrades will compliment any outfit,and you’ll be feeling like a million bucks all day long!

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