All there is To Know about the Elderly Health Care Voucher Scheme

All there is To Know about the Elderly Health Care Voucher Scheme

Elderly Health Care Voucher Scheme is a health care program initiated by HKSARG subsidies of the Hong Kong government to offer care services to elders aged over 65 years of age. It caters for those with a valid certificate of exemption issued by the Immigration Department of HKSARG and any elder above 65 years holding a Hong Kong Identity Card. There are lots to know about this program.

Eligibility Criteria for Those Wishing to Enroll for the Program

There is no much needed for anyone to be eligible for this program. For you to qualify to be enrolled in the program you must be a Hong Kong citizen with over 65 years of age and have a valid Hong Kong identify card or the certificate of exemption.  You won’t be eligible if you got a Hong Kong ID card through virtue of previous permission to remain in Hong Kong if your permission has expired.

Services Covered in this Program

The Elderly health care voucher can only be used in private healthcare services. You cannot use this voucher for public services or any service subsidized directly by the Hong Kong government.  Anyone eligible can use the voucher for non-profit making organizations, charitable organizations and any other non-government organization provided it is not directly subsided by the Hong Kong government. With this voucher, you can get treatment for most if not all kinds of conditions and diseases.

Can Use the Voucher in Swisscoat Vision Center

Swisscoat Vision Center is a renowned eye care clinic in Hong Kong that dedicates in the provision of premium eye checkup services for people of all ages. They offer high-end treatments and comprehensive elderly eye examinations to the elderly and youngsters. You can visit to learn more about their eye care services. The best thing about Swisscoat vision center is that they allow seniors to use the elderly health care voucher to pay for the services delivered.

Can You Buy Eyeglasses with the Voucher?

Whenchecked and confirmed to need eyeglasses by Swisscoat Vision Center specialists, you can pay for the services with the voucher. However, you cannot pay for the eyeglasses and any other product being it medication or medical equipment with this voucher. The elderly health care voucher is only caters for curative and preventive services like eye checkups, guidance, and advice but not for purchase medications and eye care treatments.


You can learn a lot about the Elderly health care voucher here By choosing Swisscoat Vision Center to be your number one eye care specialists, you have the assurance of getting high-quality and user-intent services. Make sure to consult with them to know if your eye condition treatment and care services are covered under the elderly health care voucher scheme.

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