Essentials Oils and Natural Remedies that are a Must Have

Essentials Oils and Natural Remedies that are a Must Have

Essential oil collection is slowly becoming common among most people in different parts of the world. To start off on this venture one should understand the various essential oils available, there sources, and how to get them. There are many stores both locally and on the internet that sell essential oils that one may be interested in. Essential oils and other natural remedies are drawn from plants and animals using organic methods that ensure minimal contamination of the final product. Palo santo is available in wood form and also in the form of essential oils. Palo santo uses are numerous. This product is among natural remedies that one should have in the house.

Lavender is among essential oils that come highly recommended partly because it is safe to use around infants and toddlers. This oil has various uses that are part of the everyday life around the home. Wound healing, toning of the nervous system, antimicrobial, and antidepressant abilities are some of the reasons that make this essential to have in the home.

Lemon essential oil is recommended among oils that one must have in the home. It serves several functions due to its antimicrobial and antiseptic properties. Inhaling lemon essential oil when one has nausea or digestive system problems has been noted to be soothing and relieving after a while. Since it is has a citrus properties, lemon essential oil may cause bad reactions when one is exposed to sunlight due to its photosensitivity and toxicity. It is advisable to use this oil only when necessary and within the home with minimal or no access to sunlight.

Eucalyptus oil is common in most homes that embrace the culture of essential oil collection. It comes with a precaution to handle with care especially in a house with children. This oil has antifungal, antiviral, antibacterial, and antiseptic properties making it ideal to have in the home. Eucalyptus oil has been noted to have a significant impact in relieving sore muscles and painful joints. It can also be used for respiratory concerns since it has expectorant qualities that are effective. For kids below the age of two, there are certain species of eucalyptus that are safe for them.

Tea tree oil has been noted to be very effective when handling wounds in the home. This essential oil has the ability to fight off fungi, bacteria, and viruses. It has wound healing properties as well as anti-inflammatory. Tea tree oil stimulates the body to fight infection and it also helps with skin conditions such as acne, dandruff, and topical thrush among others. Diluting tea tree using carrier oil is important to help one achieve the desired results.

When acquiring the essential oils discussed above and others, it is important to note the various uses as well as the packaging used for each. Purchasing from a reputable distributor is also important to ensure that the product purchased is natural and that it is not contaminated in any way. Some of the plants from which these essential oils are derived can be planted in the kitchen garden and can be used for other purposes in their raw form.

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