How to plan a wedding that is affordable but still extra vagant

How to plan a wedding that is affordable but still extra vagant

Planning a wedding is something that will be the most stressful situation in your life. Now if you can’t afford some big wedding planners that can take all the burden off of your shoulder and you want to do everything in a very limited budget and still want it to be extraordinary then you need to plan it well on your own. With the help of your maid of honour, you definitely can do it so be sure before you decide who your maid of honour is. Now there are a few things that can help you plan a wedding while staying in your budget and also if you don’t want to spend all of your money on just one day because after all a day like this is made special by the person you are starting a new life with.

So here is how you can plan an affordable yet an extravagant wedding

Don’t book a venue

We all know how much money is need when you need to book a venue for your wedding so you can either plan the ceremony in a church or backyard of your own home or some losta friend or relative’s that can offer you to hold the ceremony and reception there. But whatever the venue is you have to think and plan about it beforehand.

Bridal dress

Now as we come to a bridal dress you can choose something vintage or can also go for the cheap wedding dresses that you can easily find if you search for it right.  Try not to get a dress that is too extra when you can find something that is simple, elegant and affordable. Plus size wedding dresses for plus size women that are affordable can be easily available at affordable bridal shops so having them custom made would be just another expense that you need to avoid.

Floral arrangements

Floral arrangements can be very expensive so see if you can do it DIY and the less is always more if you are really creative you can get the decorations done with much fewer flowers than normally needed and instead of a bouquet you can also do a small bouquet or a single flower that will still look elegant.

Don’t go for peak seasons

While planning a wedding you need to avoid the peak seasons because it is then when the things get too expensive and since you are doing an affordable wedding you need to have a wedding in the off season so things can be easier.

Keep it private

Keeping it private will save you not only from money buy a lot of other concerns and keeping it private with people that are close to you will make it affordable as well a meaningful.

So following these steps you can easily make your wedding happen in a low budget and the simple it would be the more extravagant it will be and with close people around you will be more comfortable.

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