Interesting Facts about Princess Mononoke

On July 12, 1997, Princess Mononoke was released in Japan. It is an animated movie that celebrates the 20th anniversary this year. This animated film quickly becomes the highest-grossing movie of the year, and it was overtaken by Titanic. But, it does not mean that the film is not worth to watch. With incredible themes, the film is widely known as all-time Studio Ghibli classic. There are also many interesting facts about the movie that fans may don’t know about them.

  1. The film director was inspired to make the Princess Mononoke on the account of the Yugoslav wars. There are many famous themes present in the movie that involve environmental destruction and development. Hayao Miyazaki in an interview with Empire said that “he was deeply inspired by the wars in Yugoslavia. Before the movie, he had expressed his feelings for the war in the movie Porco Rosso.
  2. The forest in the movie near Irontown is actually inspired by a real nature preserve. An incredible forest in the film might seems to you like it can exist in dreams only. But, in reality, it is inspired by real-life nature or location. In Japan Southern region, a forest situated on Yakushima island is an inspiration source for the movie.

These are two major facts of the Princess Mononoke animated movie. In addition to it, there are interesting characters in the movie, for instance,

  1. San: A female character who was raided by a wolf. She has great hatred towards humans who attack the forest. Also, she has a mask on her face when she rides a mountain wolf.
  2. Gonza: He is Eboshi’s men and also, the leader. Plus, he is aggressive.

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