Top 7 Tips to Encourage Your Child to Learn Science Facts

Top 7 Tips to Encourage Your Child to Learn Science Facts

Learning about and exceling in science is not only important for gaining high grades in school, but also for knowing more about how this world works.

If you want your child to learn this fast, you can start from her babyhood by following some simple tips. Here are a few.

1. Try to Answer Your Child’s Questions

Many parents try to avoid their children’s questions because they don’t know the answers or simply because they want to avoid their children. This is absolutely wrong.

When children observe the incidences happening around them, they have questions and by getting their answers they can learn about science.

Questions like “Why does moon follow us?”or “Why are leaves green?” are good indications that your child observes and thinks about his surroundings.

Enjoy replying your child and talking to her on the processes happening in the nature or even in your kitchen instead of avoiding them or lying to her.

2. Explore Together

What if you don’t have an answer to your child’s question? You can admit to him that you don’t know, but you can make it more enjoyable to him by saying, “I don’t know, but shall we find it together?”

Take this as an opportunity to spend quality time with your child in exploring together instead of reading a book or searching online and answering your child’s question.

If you have to read, read it aloud to your child and explain her things. Your questions like “What do you think?” will stimulate her curiosity and generate even more questions.

3. Allow Him to Explore

You should allow your child to explore things on his own. He will learn it through trial and error because he’ll take the time to try things out, experiment and think on what he finds.

Be patient till he finds the correct answer.

4. Accept the Mess

Experimenting with nature is often messy and you have to accept the mess. It will involve mud, water, sticks and similar things.

Just dress the child in old clothes and assure him that it’s okay to get dirty.

5. Help Her with Mistakes

Your child even may make mistakes in her experiments. Help her and assure her that it’s okay, so as to avoid disappointment, maintain her interest and make her eager to find the truth.

6. Involve Science Learning into Play

You can involve science learning into your child’s play; but you should do that very carefully to avoid making her think that you are involving study into play.

For example, if you buy the best swing and slide set at Step2 Direct for you kid, you can say just 1 or 2 sentences like “See how the trees are moving in the opposite directions as that of yours” or “See how you automatically glide down from the slide” etc.

7. Include Sand and Water in the Play

Toys like a Step2 Direct kids sand and water play table are excellent for learning science as children can study the movements of sand and water, see how things sink or float in the water and so on.

Follow these tips and you will enjoy your child’s learning process and you too will learn a lot of new things.

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