Why you can’t miss out on Statement Belts

Why you can’t miss out on Statement Belts

The busy schedule of the 21st century has left many women running around trying to manage time for their home as well as for their professional life. The 21 century woman doesn’t have the time to curate her outfits from scratch, she simply has too much on her hands. Although, we need to look sharp and glamourous all the time, we can’t spare any extra time or thought to our dressing and so we are in desperate need of an accessory that can slip hastily put together outfits in place. A well dressed and presented person, irrespective of the gender has more chances of having a better day. Kerry Parker has come out with a brilliant idea to solve this conundrum of the women kind.

A simple dress can be made into something urbane and upbeat with any of the statement belts from Kerry Parker. The resultant outfit will be instantly different than before; I have seen many a cases where it almost feels like you are wearing something altogether new. Pick any regular top or dress and pair it up with one of these statement belts and voila! You are now the owner of a new outfit. This will not only save you time and the confusion of what to wear every morning, but it is also highly convenient as you can use the same belt with a variety of other outfits.

The White Leopard Peplum Statement Belt is a reversible waist cincher which is crafted from vegan leather. It has a tie up back and its exaggerated hem adds drama and some alluring curves.

One of my favourites is the Scalloped Floral Cloud Statement Belt. This scalloped statement belt comes in three colours. It’s a high fashion piece that can be worn to work or a brunch with friends or even to date night. It’s this multi-utility that makes this piece a steal. Once you have adorned this belt, your outfit would hardly need any more accessorising. All you’ll need is a pair or pumps or strappy heels.

If you feel like going for something discreet yet glamorous, I would recommend the Flamingo Feels Statement Belt. It is lined with light rose hued handmade flowers embedded with gems. It has a satin lining to ensure that it is smooth against you skin. Pair it up with a light coloured satin dress and it gives you major Victorian vibes. Pair it up with a pair of strappy heels and you are good to go.

The statement Belt What the Stud, secured with a tie up back is every goth’s dream. If you are a biker chick, who likes to dress punk then hold your heart. The belt is lined with silver studs. It gives you a dauntless look and don’t mess with me persona. Complete the look with combat boots or strappy heels.

Statement Belts go a long way to give a feeling of completeness to your outfit and also acts as a wonderful accessory to pep up your regular outfit. Shop at Kerry Parker to get the most stylish Statement Belts.

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